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Bluewater Advanced Treatment Units (ATU) is a privately owned corporation with distribution points across North America. Our mission is to provide simple, yet revolutionary wastewater treatment technology to the world. Our systems are made to superior standards with the utmost attention to quality assurance processes, are certified and listed under NSF/ANSI Standard 40, Class 1, and carry the CSA-B66-16 certification for manufacturing quality. Our systems are the most compact, lightweight and cost-effective on-site treatment plants available in North America. Our systems make the adoption of Advanced Wastewater Treatment affordable for all, at a price that is far less than traditional septic system installations. We hope that our products will encourage the replacement of traditional septic tanks in the ground, in exchange for the exceptional environmental benefits attained with a Bluewater ATU.

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  Listed and certified under NSF/ANSI Standard 40, Class 1

Why Bluewater?

If you are an experienced installer or already sell septic systems, and are interested in selling, installing and/or maintaining Bluewater Advanced Treatment Units, please give us a call (1-877-702-4634) and talk to our Distribution Group about joining the team. Great terms are available with an abundance of qualified inquiries and leads to pass on.
A Bluewater system can entice your green-buyer, and reduce consumption of usable property when compared to the foot-print of a traditional septic system. Since buying and selling homes in most places is contingent on septic condition and functionality, Bluewater is simply the most affordable and effective solution to this requirement, even if the property itself has limited space and questionable local soil conditions.
Bluewater is committed to producing safe and environmentally friendly products. We are endeavouring to use more “Green” products and practices both in our manufacturing and our offices. In addition, we are continually seeking ways to improve and upgrade our materials and components to ensure that, whenever possible, they may be recycled at the end of their economic life.

Simplicity through Design

  • Reduce drain field area, if required at all
  • Lightweight, compact and self-contained
  • Easier to deliver and install
  • No moving parts inside, so there is less to go wrong
  • There are no complicated control panels, you simply plug in and switch on
  • 40-60 times cleaner than a septic tank
  • Have no discernible odor
  • Bluewater effluent can unblock a blocked drain field

  • For those who want a CLEANER, SMARTER, and GREENER approach to septic systems
  • For owners who are fed up with polluted property and contaminated aquifers
  • Where city sewer is not available
  • Where regulations prohibit use of septic or the local soils are unsuitable for traditional systems

  • Single family homes
  • Cottages
  • Residential Sub-Divisions
  • Condos and Townhouses
  • RV/Camp & Mobile Home Sites
  • Restaurants & Commercial Units
  • Remote and Mobile Workcamps


Distributor Requests

We're currently seeking licensed distributors, designers and installers for our products and services. Contact us to learn more about opportunities in your specific location.

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After 24 years in business and thousands of 100% successfully implemented projects, we have provided homeowners, developers, businesses and communities with the right Bluewater designs and implementations to attain environmentally sound, yet extremely cost effective wastewater solutions.


Single family home up to 3 bedrooms. This is our smallest unit rated for 400gal or 1514L per day. It’s dimensions are just 92.5” long x 80” wide by 91.5” high and weighs 520lbs.


Single family home up to 5 beds, rated for 600gal or 2271L per day. It measures just 105” long x 76” wide x 88” high and weighs 640lbs.


Single family home up to 8 beds. Rated for 900gal or 3450L per day throughput, this ATU is suitable for a single family home or multi dwelling units. It measures just 137.5” long x 76” wide x 88” high and weighs 920lbs.

Bluewater Turbo

A compact insert for traditional septic tanks that creates a small aerobic system in the primary chamber of the existing or new septic tank.

Mobile Treatment Systems (MTS)

Transportable wastewater treatment systems capable of handling 5 to 100 persons use per day.

The Process


Wastewater is delivered from the property into an inner, aeration, chamber. This chamber contains plastic media to which naturally-occurring micro-organisms contained in the influent become attached.


The contents of the inner chamber circulate through access points into the top of an outer, settlement, chamber. The contents of the settlement chamber slowly sink and re-enter the inner chamber at the bottom of the system, at which point the bacteria continue breaking down the organic matter. This circulation process repeats and breaks down 100% of all organic waste introduced to the ATU.

Aeration Treatment

A compressor mounted either on a covered platform outside or in the house pumps air into diffusers located in the inner chamber of the system. The vigorous oxygen introduced to the ATU from this air stream accelerates the growth of the naturally occurring micro-organisms, which break down all of the organic waste in the system.


After 24hrs 100% of the waste has been broken down by the micro-organisms. Both the polluting strength of the wastewater and the total solids that remain in suspension will have been reduced 40-60 times, and the effluent is cleaner than the discharge from many treatment plants that operate in cities throughout North America every day. This clear, odor-free liquid will then flow into the drain field to be naturally dispersed into the ground.


Have a question? Would you like to discuss any aspect of your upcoming or ongoing wastewater project? We are always here to help so please, use the contact form below or give us a call toll free and we’ll get in touch with you right away. No matter where you are on the planet, cleaner and greener is always the better choice.



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