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If the unit is installed and working properly, there is no smell whatsoever in or around the unit or the drain field.
All of our units are supplied with detailed siting and installation instructions; however we do strongly recommend that installation is performed by suitably qualified personnel with appropriate handling equipment.
Local regulations vary greatly. It is your responsibility to ensure that the installation and designed usage complies with all regulations for your area.
NO. The compressor must work continuously. For further details please refer to the Owners Manual.
Depending on the model, power consumption of the air compressors range from 40W – 125W.
There are no visible parts situated above ground other than the inspection cover. Refer to Home Page image as an example.
We offer a two year warranty against defects in materials and construction, a limited lifetime warranty on the systems structure, and a one year warranty on the compressor. Coverage details are set out in our owner’s manual.
Bluewater certified professionals maintain and service your unit for the first two years at no extra cost to the owner. We offer an extended service plan once the warranty has expired. All the maintenance requirements are set out in detail in the owner’s manual.

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Limited Lifetime Warranty

Your Bluewater ATU (Advanced Treatment Unit) carries a limited lifetime warranty. The warranty is limited to the ATU itself and does not include components, compressors, piping, materials or aggregates outside the physical walls of the tank. The warranty is also limited to damage or failure caused due to vehicle damage (driving over your ATU with any vehicle), excavation or construction on your property, acts of nature such as frost, earthquakes and UV wear, and improper usage such as excessive chemical and cleaning agents, grease, or other non-biodegradable substances or objects entering the ATU. The warranty remains in effect so long as the original purchaser owns the home for which the ATU was purchased and installed.